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Recognizing that the United Nations was established to promote world peace and human rights; and

Recognizing that orphans and other children without parents, hereafter referred to as “parentlesschildren,” are the most vulnerable of all humans throughout the world with abandoned children often being ignored and abused; and

Recognizing that violence, drugs, war, famine, social chaos, disease and prejudice in many countries are resulting in an unprecedented number of children who are abandoned and become parentless; and

Further recognizing that, in many cases, the birth date of the parentless child has not been formerly registered with the government, or any other legally recognized entity; and that in some countries this lack of formal registration puts the child in a “non-existing” status, with no legal rights of protection.

We, therefore, call upon the United Nations and its member states to establish a “UN Day for Children Without Parents or Families,”  inasmuch, as each individual is born into the world as a trust of the whole and has the right to be registered and protected — regardless of gender, race, ethnic, tribal, or national background, irrespective of gender.

1996 became the year of worldwide mobilization against the crime of abused children.  This action was an important milestone in the effort to protect children, and ultimately the future of our world. We request additional consideration to be shown towards the abandoned, parentless child.  They must be educated and loved, so that they can grow into adulthood as healthy human beings and responsible citizens.

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